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About FourManagement

FourManagement is an owner-managed and thus independent management consultancy for the energy and capital goods sectors. The company was founded in 2012 by two consultants with many years of experience from renowned management consultancies and is based in Düsseldorf.

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Focus on the people

Our team of experts brings many years of experience in strategic and operational projects, extensive technical and methodological knowledge, as well as detailed industry expertise. Depending on the client’s requirements, this diversity of expertise is bundled in interdisciplinary teams.

What makes these teams special is the close and trusting cooperation as well as the high esteem for personal interaction — both internally and with our clients.

“We work personally” is one of our four consulting principles on which we base our work.

Holistic project approach

We look at our clients’ projects from different perspectives right from the start, always taking into account the four dimensions of “strategy”, “processes”, “organization” and “people”.

  • For the strategic orientation, we prepare market and competition analyses, jointly develop business field and corporate strategies, and define innovative products and service portfolios.
  • For the design of processes, we use benchmarks and best practices, improve core processes with lean methods, for example, and develop performance indicators for process control.
  • To optimize the organization, we create transparency through functional analyses, align the organizational structure with strategic goals and introduce control models to navigate the organization.
  • For motivated employees, we accompany change processes actively and purposefully, evaluate employee skills, promote commitment, and coach employees individually and in a forward-looking manner.
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FourManagement Auszeichnung durch brand eins: Siegel "Beste Berater 2024"

Repeated award as best management consultancy

For the sixth time in a row, we were named “Best Consultant” by the business magazine “brand eins”.

In 2023, FourManagement was voted one of the best management consultants in Germany in a total of nine categories. In addition to the “Energy & Environment”, “Automotive & Suppliers” and “Transport, Traffic, Logistics” sectors., we also scored in the consulting fields of “Strategy development”, “IT Strategy”, “Innovation, Growth”, “Human Resources”, “Sales, After Sales, CRM as well as “Marketing, Brand, Pricing”.

This award confirms our efforts to focus on the future of our clients in everything we do.

By the way: We are also delighted to have received the following awards:

  • “Top Consultancy 2023” in the energy sector by Handelsblatt
  • “Best Consultants for SMEs 2023” by the SZ Institute
  • Award in the “Germany’s Best Consultants” (2024) ranking in the “Personnel” category by the magazine “Markt und Mittelstand”

Sustainability commitment

We want to contribute to a sustainable future. Not only indirectly through the changes we implement for clients, but also directly through our own actions within the company. That is why we continue to drive our sustainability process forward.

Retroactively from 2019, we will report voluntarily and regularly on our sustainability efforts and on the further development of our sustainability strategy. To ensure high quality and transparency as well as uniform assessment standards, reporting is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the German Sustainability Code (DNK). This code enables companies to present their sustainability commitment in a transparent, comparable, and thus also descriptive manner. Reporting is carried out every two years.

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