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Due to our personal roots, coupled with extensive consulting and line experience, we have had a clear focus on the energy, mobility, and capital goods industries for years. Here, we know the respective challenges, (further) develop strategies and sustainable business models, and are process experts who optimize and digitalize.

As a result of climate change and the associated energy transition, we have increasingly provided cross-sector consulting in recent years and are convinced that it will continue to be a matter of building bridges between these sectors for our clients and contributing our extensive knowledge in a targeted manner.

Darstellung der Synergien zwischen den Branchen Energie Mobilität und Investitionsgüter

The clear advantage for our clients:

Our industry experts think across sectors in the projects, link contacts and actively transfer knowledge between energy, mobility, and capital goods companies.

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Branche Energy


Branche Energy

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This is what our clients say

“FourManagement is one of the best consulting firms because of the ideal combination of business thinking and expertise in the consulting team.”

Mr. Ullrich, Board of Directors, STAWAG AG

“The cooperation was professional, efficient, while unusually fair and open.”

Harald Taufall, Vorwerk & Co. carpet works GmbH & Co. KG

“FourManagement is one of the best consulting companies because the projects carried out are always of high quality and simply add value to our company.”

Mr. Hatzig, Managing Director, FACTUR Billing Solutions GmbH

“What I appreciated most was the attitude of the consultants. It’s not common to receive support with such an adaptive and effective approach to problem solving.”

Michele Camele, CNHi CE


FourManagement Branchenfokus Energie

More than 50 companies from the energy sector — from municipal utilities to grid and metering point operators to energy groups — have relied on our expertise over the past ten years. In addition, we have been named one of Germany’s best management consultancies by the business magazine brand eins for the fifth time in a row and now occupy second place in the “Energy and Environment” sector.

Changes in the energy industry mean that companies have to adapt continuously in order to remain successful. The drivers for this change are manifold, technological, legal, regulatory, or even cultural, and societal. The demands for climate neutrality, sustainability, and decarbonization in conjunction with a reliable and at the same time economical and increasingly digital energy supply present the energy world with significant challenges.

We are the right partner to accompany these necessary change processes in order to support a sustainable transformation of the energy industry. We also advise our clients on all the factors that, in our view, characterize a successful company in the energy sector today and in the future.


FourManagement Branchenfokus Energie

The mobility industry is currently undergoing its greatest transformation process. The aim is to make the future of mobility climate-friendly, sustainable, and safe. At the same time, individual mobility needs are undergoing a major transformation, and user-friendliness will determine the success and existence of new business models. The fast pace of the market requires increased flexibility and efficient interaction between all market players; suitable framework conditions are also necessary to make technical innovations more usable.

With our consulting expertise, we support organizations in a wide range of internal change processes, from the adjustment of strategic alignment to the end-to-end optimization of processes required to meet the demands of the mobility transition. Here, a wide range of market players, from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers to logistics companies, have already benefited from our extensive expertise.

Capital Goods

FourManagement Branchenfokus Investitionsgueter

The value chains of the capital goods industry have been undergoing major changes for several years now, which have been further accelerated by the pandemic situation and the resulting changes in supply chains.

These changes require bold decisions: From adjusting the overarching strategic direction, innovation and product development focused on new customer needs, to completely rethought distribution approaches. At the same time, companies must transform their internal structures to ensure competitiveness. Here, it is important to take employees along on the journey of, for example, digitalization, and organizational change.

We work closely with our clients from a wide range of sectors such as commercial vehicles, buses, construction vehicles, and mechanical engineering to navigate them through these challenging industrial changes and position them in an increasingly competitive environment.

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