We think laterally,
but not at cross purposes.

Strategy. Processes. Organisation. Employees.

Our holistic consulting approach is implementation-oriented and takes these four important elements into account. FourManagement differs from other management consultancies primarily in the type of consulting it provides. In times of steadily increasing degrees of digitalization, the human-human interface is becoming more and more important.


For the strategic alignment
…we create market and competition analyses.
…we jointly develop business field and corporate strategies.
…we define innovative products and service portfolios.


For the design of processes
…we use benchmarks and best practices.
…we improve core processes with lean methods.
…we develop performance indicators for process control.


For optimized organization
…we create transparency through functional analyses.
…we align the organizational structure with strategic goals.
…we introduce control models to navigate the organization.


For motivated employees
…we accompany change processes actively and purposefully.
…we evaluate employee skills and promote their commitment.
…we coach employees individually and with an eye to the future.

Our expertise


Energy supply

Hardly any other industry is currently undergoing as much change as the energy industry. The drivers for this change are manifold as well as technological, legal/regulatory and cultural. Energy suppliers will have to adapt in order to be successful. At FourManagement, we are convinced that as an energy supplier, you will have to distinguish yourself in the future through eight success factors.

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Marketing, Sales & After Sales

A successful customer interface is one of the most relevant levers for corporate success. For us at FourManagement, a holistic view of marketing, sales & service is important, since only with the most comprehensive knowledge possible about the market, customers and competition can sales methods be optimally aligned. Transparency and continuously generated knowledge are prerequisites for creating the necessary competitive advantages. We have compiled our approaches along our Client Journey.

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Human Resources (H2H)

Despite and especially in times of digitalization and war-of-talents, the human-to-human interface is becoming increasingly important in organizations. The pace of change projects is increasing, there is growing competition for the best ratings on Kununu, and the development and retention of employees is becoming an increasingly critical factor for success.

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Companies that do not invest in relevant innovative topics risk jeopardizing their own business model. Thus, innovation is not a question of budget, but represents a necessary variable in business development. Our ambition is to ensure a tailor-made innovation function for our clients, which on the one hand identifies potential risks (e.g. (disruptive) business models) for future developments, and on the other hand uncovers opportunities. As innovation experts, we value developing the content of your innovation projects together with you.

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If you want to survive in today’s digital age, you have to live digitization and provide a solid foundation for your IT. Those who want to use digitization profitably for their corporate goals must act steadily and enter the race with consistent and sustainable concepts and strategies. Together with our clients, we find solutions that enable them to master the challenges of digitization and implement them profitably.

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Further Competences



Due Diligence




Operational Excellence


Project Management




Markus Krambs

After several years in large companies, it was important for me to now be able to drive and take responsibility for things on my own. This is what the 4M environment allows me to do. We are a small consultancy at top level and with high demands on our services. Our customer base is interesting and diverse in terms of industry, company size, etc., which is also reflected in the projects and their processing. We deal with each other in a collegial manner and are always on an equal footing with our clients and their (project) staff. All of this meets my expectations of a positive working environment, and in my opinion, that’s what makes 4M stand out. That is why I am ultimately glad to have made the decision “pro FourManagement”.

Dr. Ananda Peters

If you are looking for a job that combines very good development and career opportunities with a pleasant, family-like working atmosphere, FourManagement is the right place for you. FourManagement offers me the opportunity to work closely with consultants at higher levels and to benefit from their broad experience and expert knowledge. Due to the large client and service portfolio, one gets to know different industries and develops expertise in the application of various (consulting) methods in a short time. The transparent communication of requirements offers the perspective to move up quickly and grow with the still young company. I also particularly appreciate the open and appreciative working atmosphere, not only between colleagues, but also with the management. Questions can be asked at any time, and there is always the opportunity to contribute and implement your own ideas.

Dennis Kühn

During my studies, I was already able to gain initial experience in a small consultancy and thus get to know the charm of a “consultancy boutique”. Accordingly, I went into the interviews at FourManagement with high expectations. Right from the first meeting, in a pleasant atmosphere, I could sense the high level of professionalism that 4M stands for and with which we approach all our clients. The mixture of personal responsibility and fast internal processes ensures short decision-making processes and promotes a structured and dynamic way of working. If you have the desire for challenging and independent work and always want to count on the support of your colleagues, FourManagement is the right place for you.

Julia Rittershaus

Before my first interview, I was still a little unsure whether a company that was so young at the time was right for me. But even after the first meeting, I was convinced that FourManagement offered more opportunities for me than large consulting firms. The opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the company and the certainty that every employee contributes to the company’s success are important motivating factors for me. In addition, the friendly interaction in the team and the independent work are simply fun. After the second interview, at the latest, my decision in favor of FourManagement was quickly made.

Stefanie Werler

I was particularly impressed by the open and appreciative way the team and the managing directors treated each other when I first got to know them. Flat hierarchies, numerous opportunities for development and creativity, as well as the high level of professionalism are factors that have strengthened my decision to work for FourManagement. From day one, each of us bears responsibility for the joint success. Although I quickly had to take responsibility for my own area of responsibility, the exchange among each other is great and the support of my colleagues can be felt at all times. The variety of new topics and projects, none of which is like the other, and in which I deal with different people and corporate cultures every day, ensures that I learn something new every day and still enjoy my work even after long days.

Natalia Andriyuk

Not only economists have a chance at FourManagement, but also exotics like me who studied international political science. Because the crucial thing was to convince with your personality during the two job interviews. Of course, a great willingness to learn, motivation and flexibility are also among the basic ingredients for a successful start. But once you’ve made it, a new and exciting world opens up — and because of the flat hierarchies, you also have to take on responsibility quickly. I quickly became part of a large family in which everyone makes an important contribution to the company’s success. Even as a junior consultant, I have the opportunity to actively help shape projects and incorporate my ideas. At FourManagement, every opinion is important — I particularly appreciate that here.

Andreas Coester

Through my work at FourManagement, I have the opportunity to continuously expand my knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment. A particular motivation and drive of my job is a high degree of personal initiative and responsibility, through which I can have a direct influence on the success of the company. At the same time, I can always rely on the support of my colleagues. In addition to a high level of professionalism, we share the enthusiasm to tackle new challenges and actively drive change. An implementation-oriented approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Christian Skubinn

The focus for me was the desire to break new ground with interdisciplinary teams in a professional environment. At FourManagement, the company’s startup charm was particularly convincing in this context: flat hierarchies and team spirit, with simultaneously demanding and challenging projects — a motivating mix. Whether it’s an owner-managed medium-sized company or a DAX 30 company, we offer excellent solutions for every sector with the highest standards for ourselves. In my view, it is precisely this breadth that is particularly appealing and, in addition to exciting and complex challenges, also ensures a high level of personal insight. If you are also looking for your own creative freedom, you will find it with us in every respect: Conceptual work, own dynamics, networking as well as the transfer of responsibility in a very short time ensure the special “feel good” factor at FourManagement right from the start.”

Jacqueline de Franca Rodrigues

After completing my commercial training and gaining relevant professional experience, I was looking for new challenges. The work in the consulting industry, combined with my business studies, are an optimal constellation for the realization of my goals. Already at my first acquaintance I noticed the open and appreciative contact of the team and the managing directors among each other. I quickly felt that I belonged to FourManagement, where everyone makes an important contribution to the company’s success, whether business analyst or principal. I can always rely on the support of my colleagues. As a business analyst, I learn something new every day and gain a lot of experience for my professional career. New tasks and projects ensure that I get to know many different industries and continue to enjoy my work. I really appreciate working with my colleagues and I am happy to be a part of FourManagement.

Carlos Andrés Quintero Borrás

As an early career professional with an engineering background, I first looked into the possibility of working in the consulting industry during my job search. Before that, I applied for various scientific and technical jobs, according to my qualifications. After also applying to large consulting firms, I knew of an open position as a junior consultant at a then small but promising consulting firm called FourManagement GmbH. With a lot of curiosity I attended a first interview and after that I was already very convinced to join directly as part of the team. In this company, both the start-up atmosphere with a flat hierarchy and very supportive, family-like interaction between colleagues and the many years of professional experience in the consulting field with successfully completed projects in various industries come together very well. From day one, you are confronted with the challenge of familiarizing yourself with new tasks quickly and with independent responsibility. With the appropriate motivation and willingness to learn, and open communication with colleagues, asking questions, expressing one’s own ideas and, if necessary, implementing them, all processes run smoothly. For these reasons, I am particularly satisfied with my decision to work at FourManagement.

Philipp Möller

After my commercial training, the subsequent operational activity in the industry and the subsequent business studies, I was looking for the next professional challenge. Especially due to the numerous project works during my master studies, I felt the desire to work on a project basis later on, without having to limit myself to one function in a company. I was particularly interested in working in consulting, as I associated varied tasks combined with long-term motivation with this industry. These expectations were confirmed right from the start. Already on my second working day I took part in a project kickoff at the customer and thus started my first project. The direct cooperation with experienced consultants, up to the management, allowed me a steep learning curve. In a short time, I was assigned to two more projects. Personal initiative, taking on responsible tasks and teamwork were always important factors. I have always found the working atmosphere and the communication at eye level in the team to be very pleasant. I look forward to a continued exciting and successful time at FourManagement.

Ulrich Ramoser

Corporate success is no coincidence! FourManagement is the employer where colleagues from all areas actually enjoy working. The competence in our management consultancy is pronounced, the motivation is high and the working atmosphere can best be described as cordial and approachable. What is the reason for this? Employees are specifically selected for their professional and social skills and find themselves in a corporate culture that is characterized by a desire to shape things, feedback and a focus on values. The fine details are also right here, and you can always tell by looking at them that employees are highly satisfied: There’s a lot of laughter here, we celebrate successes together and events outside working hours are always enjoyed by everyone. Despite a high level of competition for bright minds, no employees have left us since I was hired. Everyone is always invited to give feedback — especially critical feedback — and we live the bond within the team. The management has a good feeling for the individual abilities of each person and impressively demonstrate “living by example” with high commitment and great competence. And this is also reflected in our company figures. FourManagement is continuously growing strongly and generates very good results in which the employees participate.