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In order to remain marketable and successful with the company during phases of recession, it is essential to pay attention to potential warning signals and use the time to make necessary adjustments.

Typical warning signals are, in addition to a drop in sales or the announcement of reduced call-offs, the postponement of customer-specific projects, longer waiting times for feedback, increased requests for price reductions, changes in the sector-specific assessment by banks (scoring), etc.

We support companies with a 30-day restructuring program to shed light on the situation of a company and to set a new course. The program is not limited to individual departments, but provides for a holistic view of the company.

Based on our many years of experience, we can say with conviction that three steps are necessary for a successful restructuring and offer the greatest added value: Stocktaking, consolidation and growth, if necessary securing new capital. A structured approach to stocktaking enables us to consider the essential perspectives and to quickly and effectively identify starting points for consolidation that will ensure the successful continuation of the company. Very often, this also results in options for growth and market share expansion. Because every crisis can also be used as an opportunity.


  • Holistic view of the company in a 30-day restructuring program
    Structured approach to taking stock
  • Identification of effective starting points for consolidation
  • Sifting through options for growth and market share expansion

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