Our expertise:


We develop digital concepts and strategies for the IT challenges of our clients and accompany them in all phases.

The implementation of future-oriented strategies and business models as well as the consistent optimization of business processes requires the introduction, use and continuous further development of modern applications. Platforms for collaboration, integration of customers, partners and service providers are becoming increasingly important.

If you want to survive in today’s digital age, you have to live digitization, exploit its opportunities and provide a solid foundation for it. We are convinced that “business” and IT will increasingly merge.

Areas of Consulting Focus

As an implementation-oriented management consultancy, we also support our clients in the area of IT management. Together with our clients, we find solutions that enable them to master the challenges of digitalization and implement them profitably. We demonstrate our consulting services using a 6‑phase model.


IT Strategy, ‑Organization and Governance

  • Evaluation of current and (further) development of new IT strategies
  • IT architecture design and enterprise architecture also by means of capability mapping (capability analysis)
  • Introduction and optimization of (IT) requirements management
  • Description and operationalization of governance frameworks
  • Derivation of current and future requirements for the organization and its employees
  • Transformation of the organization (also by means of our focus H2H)


Projektmanagement & Qualitätssicherung

  • Classic (IT) project management
  • Agile project management
  • Project Management Office



  • Derivation and description of business and functional requirements
  • Cost-benefit assessment of IT requirements


Plan, Make or Buy

  • Creation of technical concepts and specifications
  • Market and supplier research
  • Preparation and support of procurement projects (incl. EU tenders)


Build & Run

  • Coordination of implementations and further developments
  • Accompaniment or coordination of test activities and quality assurance of production



  • Stabilization and further development of applications
  • Success control

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