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Companies that do not invest in relevant innovative topics risk threatening their own business model. Thus, innovation is not a question of budget, but represents a necessary variable in business development.

It is our goal to ensure a tailor-made innovation function for our clients that not only identifies potential risks – e.g. (disruptive) business models – for future developments, but also discovers opportunities. As innovation experts, we value developing the content of your innovation projects together with you.  

Furthermore, we create the framework for successful innovation in your company working closely with you. Our expertise lies not only in the content development of innovation projects, but also in the development of innovation roadmaps, trend monitoring and process implementations. In the context of a sustainable establishment of an innovation mindset, we also support you in the design and implementation of innovation events or sprints — not only in the energy industry. 

Consulting focus areas

With our work we always pursue a holistic and sustainable approach, which we successfully implement in our consulting focal points:


Innovation Strategy

  • Trend radar
  • Innovation Roadmap
  • Innovations ECG

→ to the Innovation Strategy


Innovation Process

  • Knowledge Management
  • Tailored processes
  • Ideation Process
  • Ideation Workshops

→ to the Innovation Process


Innovation Controlling

  • Innovation Management
  • Key figures dashboard
  • Portfolio management

→ to the Innovation Controlling


Innovation Organization

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Innovation structure
  • Interface characteristics
  • Agility in the organizational structure

→ to the Innovation Organization


Innovation Culture

  • Employee empowerment
  • Leadership culture
  • Corporate culture

→ to the Innovation Culture

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